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  • Implementing Agency:

    International Trade Centre (ITC)
    Burundi Regional Window
    Burundi National Window

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  • Priority Sectors:
  • Duration:

    November 2018 – December 2023

  • Budget:
    EUR 3.68 million
  • Results:
    1. National Quality Infrastructure framework, inspection and certification services strengthened
    2. Laboratory testing capacities for coffee and tea improved
    3. Quality related extension services strengthened

  • Partners/Direct Beneficiaries:
    • Burundi Bureau of Standards and Quality Control (BBN)
    • Office de Développement du Café (ODECA)
    • Burundi Tea Office (OTB)
    • Centre National de Technologie Alimentaire (CNTA)
    • InterCafe Burundi and Prothem
    • Direction de Protection Vegetale (DPV)
    • Institute for Agricutlural Science of Burundi
    • SMEs and other stakeholders in the coffee and tea value chains

  • Key Achievements:
    • National Quality Policy (NQP) developed, and implementation action plan adopted
    • 142 SMEs and key stakeholders trained on quality
    • Three certification and inspection bodies strengthened
    • 24 enterprises supported on management systems and product certification
    • 16 companies supported to acquire Rainforest Alliance, HACCP and other certifications
    • Seven laboratories equipped and staff trained
    • 69 extension workers coached on quality, tea tasting techniques and Good Manufacturing Practices
    • Two study tours conducted in Kenya and Tanzania to familiarise stakeholders with implementation of the EAC SQMT Act
    • Two research studies on prevention and control of potato defect in coffee supported
  • National Focal Point:

    Ms Viola Nsabimana 
    Ministère des Finances, du Budget et de la Planification Économique

  • ITC Contact:

    Ms Emmanuella Hakizimana
    UNDP Office; Bujumbura, Burundi