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MARKUP — Celebrating Women in Business

MARKUP is proud to spotlight women on this IWD 2023. Recognising the barriers that women in the East African region still face in accessing export market opportunities, we take the extra step to ensure equity in representation in MARKUP activities. Over the years, we have seen an increasing number of women farmers, traders, business leaders, policy makers and service providers across the board. Today we bring you stories of the amazing women we have been privileged to work with to take their businesses to the next level. Our implementing partners throughout the region work hard to ensure that women are part and parcel of training, networking, coaching, marketing and advocacy events. In our fourth year, we are proud to share some facts, figures and stories of how MARKUP continues to equip women to access market access opportunities in the region, the EU and beyond.


Success Stories of Women in MARKUP

Post-Harvest Facilities for Horticulture Farmers Bearing Fruits for Women in Rwanda

Women Benefitting from better Market Access for Sustainable Products from Tanzania

Women Promoting Organic Product Standards and Market Access in Tanzania

Young Kenyan Woman’s Big Break into Specialty Tea Export

MARKUP Changes the Fortunes of Women Coffee Farmers

Improving Women’s Livelihoods Through Co-Operatives