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Farmers Training on Avocado Seedlings Grafting in Njombe and Mbeya

In early October, Solidaridad, though the To Certification and Beyond Project financed under MARKUP, conducted a training on good practices for grafting of avocado seedlings. The training was organized jointly with Uyole agricultural institute. Three nursery attendants and two extension officers employed by UWAMARU AMCOS conducted grafting for 15,000 avocado seedlings. The grafting training was also delivered to the Wapambanaji group in Rungwe, Mbeya and a total of 1,000 avocado seedlings were grafted. In Njombe, three groups received grafting training namely Nguvukazi, Tukangalage and Wachapakazi groups and a total of 3,200 seedlings were grafted. Wachapakazi group will begin grafting a total 5,000 seedlings. The group has a total of 28,600 seedlings.

Photo credits: Maria Sengelel, Solidaridad