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Sustainable Products from TZ to the EU

EU-EAC MARKUP, implemented by ITC, conducted a survey and extensive research on the European market for sustainable products from Tanzania to offer a perspective on how, on the one hand, retailers in Europe find a growing demand for sustainably-sourced products, and on the other hand, micro, small and medium-sized enterprises in Tanzania embrace sustainability in their business strategies. "Sustainably produced products" are products produced with a minimum of harm to the environment,  while respecting human rights and providing good and fair working and employment conditions.

The study offers an overview of the EU market demand, trends and requirements with regard to sourcing of sustainable products from Tanzania. This study falls under the Tanzania Partner States Window, which aims at “Enhanced awareness on sector enablers through market analysis and research” (R 1), in particular under the output targeting "Improving information on EU destination markets". This study aims at assessing the potential for exports of sustainably produced products from Tanzania into the European market. 

The study is available for download here.