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Celebrating Results of the Access to Finance Support

Through ITC, EAC-EU MARKUP has facilitated small and medium-sized enterprises in the five Partner States to access loans and grants amounting to about 9.4 million USD. Out of these, 3 million USD was acquired by enterprises in Burundi, 1.9 million in Kenya, 1.6 million USD by enterprises in Rwanda, 1.9 million USD in Tanzania and 814,551 USD in Uganda.

At the same time, the support generated transactions worth 10.5 million USD through business-to-business meetings, networking and other such activities. In Burundi, the value of these transactions amounted to 2 million USD, in Kenya to 4.1 million USD, in Rwanda to 868,704 USD, in Tanzania to 1.2 million USD and in Uganda to 2.2 million USD.