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  • Implementing Agency:

    1. Oxfam Rwanda

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    2. ICU (Istituto per la Cooperazione Universitaria)

  • Duration:

    March 2020 - April 2024

  • Budget:
    EUR 3.6 million
  • Results:
    1. Horticulture high-value chains, SME and agribusiness development supported
    2. Coffee value chain developed


  • Partners/Direct Beneficiaries:
    • National Agricultural Export Development Board
    • Business Support Organisations
    • Trade and Investment Support Organisations
    • Farmers, cooperaties and SMES in coffee and selected horticulture value chains
  • Key Achievements


    • 55 additional international buyers purchased horticultural products from targeted smallholders
    • Five farmers' groups provided with fruit processing equipment for avalue addition
    • Seven fruit processing comanies provided with packaging technologies 
    • 7,736 small-holder farmers selling on contract farming schemes
    • Eleven farmers' grops an cooperatives suppored to secure financing in the form of loans or grants


    • Six new commercial partnerships created between coffee washing stations and exporters
    • 96% of the coffee processed in the coffee washing stations supported by the project is certified
    • Eight coffee washing stations supported to attain Rainforest Alliance certification
    • Three international coffee industry representatives facilitated to explore market linkages with Rwandan producers
    • Twelve coffee exporters supported to pariticpate in international trade fairs
    Key achievements of MARKUP in Rwanda
  • National Focal Point

    Mr Antoine Kajangwe

    Ministry of Trade and Industry