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  • Implementing Agency:

    Uganda Coffee Development Authority (UCDA)
    Uganda national window:

    UCDA Logo

  • Priority Sectors:
  • Duration:

    October 2018 - April 2024

  • Budget:

    EUR 3.64 million

  • Results:
    1. Resistant varieties are developed and brought to market
    2. Reduced production, harvest and post-harvest losses and increased marketing opportunities for small-holders
    3. Increased small-holders price incentive through diversification into higher value export markets
    4. Strengthened institutional capacities for trade analysis, market surveillance, project management and research
  • Partners/Direct Beneficiaries:
    • Relevant Government ministries, departments and agencies
    • National Coffee Research Institute (NACORI)
    • Business support organisations in coffee and cocoa
    • Uganda Coffee Development Authority (UCDA)
    • SMEs and cooperatives in the cocoa and coffee value chains

  • Key Achievements:
    • Research trials for three disease resistant arabica coffee varieties supported
    • Three resistant cocoa varieties characterised and phenotyped for distribution to farmers targeting international markets
    • Six companies awarded matching grants to reduce losses in production, harvest and post-harvest and secure markets for small-holders
    • 555 farmers supported with post-harvest handling equipment
    • 33 bulk and collection centres established
    • Four new coffee brands developed
    • 6,133 metric tons of coffee and cocoa sold to EU markets by supported farmers
    • 3,300 farmers implementing traceability systems in cocoa and coffee value chain
    • 63 UCDA/MAAIF staff trained in market analysis on coffee and cocoa commodities and project cycle management
    • UCDA laboratories quality control accredited to ISO 17025:2017 & ISO 17065: 2012 standards
  • National Focal Point

    Dr Emmanuel Iyamulemye
    Uganda Coffee Development Authority (UCDA)

  • UCDA Contact:

    Dr Emmanuel Iyamulemye;
    UCDA, Coffee House, Kampala, Uganda