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Supporting Avocado Farmers Group to Improve Seedlings Production

MARKUP, through Solidaridad Tanzania, is supporting avocado farmers in the south of Tanzania to get better, more resistant and high-yielding avocado seedlings. In July 2021 the project handed over polythene tubes, fertilizers, shade nets, spades, wheel barrows and chemicals to some groups in Rungwe District to set up new nurseries and improve existing ones. The project aims to enable 18 nurseries to produce and distribute at least 1.8 million improved seedlings by 2023. The initial input will result in setting up the nurseries as independent business units, generating employment for women and youth and extra income for the cooperatives and factories.

In early September, the project carried out activities in Wanging'ombe District. Through proper avocado seed sorting and optimal preparation of seedbeds for avocado seedlings, the project encourages farmers to adopt voluntary sustainability standards in production and increases farmers’ access to high-quality seedlings.

“Sorting avocado seeds by size is a critical step in the nursery establishment process. Large seeds are prioritized because they have high amounts of food and chances of survival and producing good quality seedlings,” says Mary Sengelela, Solidaridad Senior Project Officer.

The project is promoting the participation of youth and women in nursery activities to enhance the sector’s sustainability. The nurseries are expected to produce quality avocado seedlings for farmers under the respective societies in addition to creating opportunities for youth and women in agriculture.

Avocado Seedling production1Avocado Seedling production3

Sorting avocado seeds by size and preparing improved seedbed for avocado seedlings in Wanging'ombe District

Photo credit: EAC MARKUP/Solidaridad