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Empowering Journalists on Food Safety Matters

The role of the media in informing, inspiring influencing change, educating and shaping the national and international agenda, can never be ignored. Media practitioners are key in reaching the public with key messages, as well as channelling responses and feedback on topical issues.

However, sometime there are knowledge gaps, which hinder journalists from reporting the right things at the right time, and in the correct way. This is especially because media industry is dynamic, and journalists are specialists in communication, not necessarily in technical matters.

In order to build capacity of agriculture and business journalists, MARKUP, through UNIDO held a two-day workshop at KEPHIS headquarters in Nairobi. The workshop brought together 17 media practitioners from different parts of the country, with a bias on the counties in which the programme is implemented. The main aim of this workshop was to sensitise journalists on Food Safety matters, from different aspects, and how to cover Food Safety as a topical issue which deserves media attention.